Monday, February 25, 2008


omg guess what!! :) i have over $200 saved up!! i'm saving for prom and beach week. this week i should be getting a pretty good check and thats going to be put away. i have $80 spare i'll be spending at the mall today. if i have extra at the end of the night i'll save it too. then next week i get my bonus from MB, allll of that will be put away. :D i'm pretty pretty proud of myself. doing a great job at something i'm usually horrible about. i found a very nice dress for prom. not sure if thats the one i'm going with yet but tis pretty niice. its royal blue. ofcourse i have to go with a blue...its my favorite color. i'm wicked excited for my 18th birthday. thats next month and i am maddddd pumped. :) should be madd fun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


love is being able to trust eathother with everything. knowing you can just be yourself around them and they would love you for who you are. love is doing what you can to make the other happy. love is the greatness i feel in your preasence. love is waking up thinking of you.
you hold the key to my heart. your the one i gave it to. no matter what happens i will ALWAYS love you. now till forever. babe, you're the most amazing boy ever and i just do not know what i would do without you. we have lots of memories together and i can't wait to make sooo much more. i wish i could see you everyday of the week. now that would be pretty awesome!
we've almost been together for 2 months now. wow, did that fly by like WHOA. (:
this blog is dedicated to my amazing boyfriend, ricky. i love you with ALL my heart! (:

Monday, January 28, 2008


so today, well later on today, should be great. i am very excited for our double date. it shall be me, ricky, batch, and matt. i'm glad ricky&matt get along well and are now friends because me&batch are together alot and she's one of my bestfriends. i get to hangout with two of my favorite ppl in the world in one time. its like killing two crows with one rock. haha. idkk. i'm just very bored cause i didn't feel like going to school today so i have nothing else better to do then sit here and ramble on about nothing. today's going to be good because i can just sleep all day. later cordio's coming over so i can chill with her for a bit. then i'll be out with ricky, batch, and matt to the movies (meet the spartans) and then out to eat. =] i'm sooo glad i get to hangout with ricky also because i just loveee being around him.he's the best and i love him very much. =] well, i'm running out of things to say... =/ but if i think of anything i'll write another one. byebye for noww.

Friday, January 25, 2008

rip buddy! :'(

so0o lastnight at work i got a call from home finding out my dog was hit by a car. Ofcourse the car was speeding. I was veryyy upset when they told me he was gone. Couldn't stop crying at work. Its terrible that some asswhole wouldn't even have the balls to turn around. My friends are great though and helped me through it.My boyfriend is amazing and really helped me through it. He was an awesome dog, full of energy and loved everyone. He was extremely friendly and almost everyone loved him. Buddy was the coolest dog i ever had! No dog could ever replace him. I will, well everyone will, miss him greatly. and i will never forget my buddy boyy<3>

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

senior year

soo i was thinking this year was going to be exciting but lately i've just been scared and upset. i know i hate school alot but idk how i'm going to move on in life. i'm going to miss my friends soo much. and i just don't wanna grow up! i was listening to the gratuation song today and started crying. =/ i'm a pretty emeotional person. i know. but i am very excited though too. i'm excited for beach week, my trip with friends this summer, some concerts, prom, soo many things to look forward to! =] better start saving. just wish i was good at it. lol. but i guess thats all for my very first blog. can't wait to fill you in on all of the other thoughts i have going on in my head. and trust me there's plenty. =]